a bit of reminder

Butterfly never knows what colors are their wings, and yet people know how striking they are. Just like yourself, you might not know how beautiful you are, but God understand how excellent you are in his eyes.

When you obedient in his presence, be whole-hearted with all the things that happens to you, keep smiling in a difficult stage, and always trying to keep and feel blessed everyday.

If you still get the chance to have a new day, be thankful to God because it means we still got the chance to become a better person.

Sometimes, everything that occurred in our everyday life can be very exhausting, full of struggle and of course a difficulty, however you must believe whatever happens in our life, it is all good :)

Life is a series of difficulties, suffering and a series of battle indeed. Nevertheless, life is also a series of settlement, a series of love and blessed that has been given by God for our lives.

Therefore, celebrate life with gratitude and joy. In that case, life would feel much better because life then becomes an opportunity and not a burden.

Life is like the sun
Sometimes visible, sometimes it does not, because of the cloud. HOWEVER, it remains their responsibility to illuminate. and so does the love of God to us.

God bless you all <3

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