canno' spikky this a

these are languages i wish i can speak :

Greek Hebrew
Finnish Polish
http://th04.deviantart.com/fs41/300W/i/2009/019/3/8/Finland_Grungy_Flag_by_think0.jpg http://th02.deviantart.com/fs41/300W/i/2009/024/a/8/Poland_Grungy_Flag_by_think0.jpg
Icelandic Swedish
http://www.appliedlanguage.com/flags_of_the_world/large_flag_of_iceland.gif http://th09.deviantart.com/fs41/300W/i/2009/055/2/7/Sweden_Grunge_Flag_by_think0.jpg
Galician/Spanish Irish
http://th06.deviantart.com/fs41/300W/i/2009/043/6/e/Spain_Grunge_Flag_by_think0.jpg http://th01.deviantart.com/fs44/300W/i/2009/075/3/8/Ireland_Grunge_Flag_by_think0.jpg



o yeaaa looks like i've new obsessiooong now!!! hahahaha i've watched all of his video in youtube but unfortunately i couldn't download all of his songs :'c and wow i cant believe i stalk him on twitter hahahahaha frweeeak

a 'must see film' - father's sacrifice

so i watch this movie during chapel service, i thought today's chapel is gonna be real boring, but then this is the first time i did not slept in chapel. (hahaha) it was interesting, they show me this short clip from a movie called 'Most' Czech for 'the bridge" well..i don't know how to explain it but what i can tell you is that i really feel depressed after i watched it. maybe feel free for you guys to watch the short trailer..

Most the Bridge

Most Trailer

a poetic and powerful story of a father that forced to choose between love and duty. i've watched it like more than 20 times and still i cry T_____________________T


sea & the rhythm

do you remember when we met?
that's the day i knew you were my pet.
i wanna tell you how much i love you,
come with me to the sea of love.
(sea of love-cat power)

ice water

one day i froze up, like this.


i like giants

"velvet rabbit lives in a bubble
everyone's scared about germs getting shared
and nobody knows how soft you are"
(velvet rabbit-kimya dawson)


cookie monster

gah! i feel like to eat some sweets right now.
and this image just make me craving for cupcakes :'c


the beer

the beer i had for breakfast was a bottle of mad dog,
and the beer i had for dinner was my crazy neighbor's pills.

like batman and robin

at certain time, i need a friend to keep me company


sheer wonder, baby.

well, they were lost in the mist
and they didn't have time
to see what i could see.
(france-kimya dawson)


happy birday

i turned 18 yesterday, its just an ordinary day for me.
somehow i'm not that excited about turning 18.
gua tua man! hahaha
several reasons gua ngrasa jd gmn ya..
punya tanggung jawab yg lebih lg.
pokonya jd yg lebih bener lah gtu.(swt deh gw --")

but then, isn't that
growing old is compulsory,
growing up is a mandatory.