imagining all the excitement for the holiday, one week to go and i'm home. somehow i feel so ecstatic. i finished my GAT exam (finally) and its so pointless for doing that (eventhou the teacher said please take this seriously) you know what.. i dont careeeeee (actually i do care,i just gave up). i just shoot the bull for the writing task dan sisanya nembak2 aja uda bodo amat lah ya.it was damn freezing there.gua celingak celinguk sibuk ngangetin diri.my feet went numb,that is really a not good vibe. and i got trial exam for english tomorrow, the shittest part is that we're not allowed to bring any books/thesaurus/one page notes/bilingual dictionary. so i decided not to study at all. (nah i was joking, i wouldn't waste my 3 hours duduk cengo bingung mu nulis apa karna gatau mu ngmng apa hahahaha BISA GA BISA HARUS BISA.)


pearman said i have to do works for my unit 4 folio during the holiday, i dont wanna! i dont want to involved any school works during the holiday. but since i promise myself that i'm gonna get A+ for next folio, i guess i should do at least some works. i should stop postponing my works. gua tau gua kebanyakan ngmng and its actually really difficult to make an action,secara gua ngmng gampang banget aplagi tinggal ngetik yakan.hahaha tai,basi.

can someone please make these cupcakes for me?


  1. great note!*heaps of laughs*

  2. hahaha yeah exactly, i believe that and it happens to me tho